What Is Dry Skin? What Causes Dry Skin?

What Is Dry Skin Caused By? And Is Treatment of Dry Skin Best With Natural Products For Skin?

What Is Dry Skin?

The best way to answer the question – what is dry skin? – is by looking a the causes of dry skin. The two main causes are too little sebum being produced in the lower levels of the skin and too little moisture being kept in the upper levels of the skin.

If your skin tends to feel tight or even looks flaky then the chances are you have dry skin. Dry skin can lead to early emergence of wrinkles and fine lines and if you don’t start treament of dry skin, premature ageing appears.

The key focus in the treatment of dry skin is to restore and retain the moisture level of your skin and the best way to do this is by using natural products for skin.

We live in a harsh environment and there are many external factors and things you do every day that can aggravate any underlying condition of dry skin:

  • Excessive use of detergents, soaps and sanitisers
  • Using products for dry skin that contain harsh ingredients
  • Exposure to cold winds, hot sun and central heating
  • Showering/bathing in water that is too hot
  • Wearing materials that aggravate dry skin such as wool and synthetic materials.

There are also internal factors that can aggravate conditions of dry skin:

  • Your general health
  • Your age
  • Genetic heritage
  • Medical conditions such as allergies and atopic dermatitis

What Is Dry Skin Caused By?

Both external and internal factors can cause dry skin, however, external factors are the most common underlying cause and the easiest to address in the treatment of dry skin.

How Can I Manage The Treatment Of Dry Skin?

  • Always wear gloves when using household cleaning agents
  • Shower or bathe in warm not hot water limiting bathing to 15 minutes and showering to 5 minutes – hot water will strip the moisture and oils out of your skin, leaving it parched, dry and scaly
  • If you have to wipe steam off the mirror when you get out then it is too hot!
  • Avoid wearing wool or synthetic materials directly against the skin
  • Use a rich moisturiser during the winter months and avoid exposing your skin in the midday sun.

Which Products For Dry Skin Should I Use?

The very best products for dry skin are natural products for skin. If you use all natural products for skin you will probably not need to address the question what is dry skin as your skin will be beautifully moisturised.

Avoid products containing:

  • petroleum
  • mineral oil
  • sodium Laureth Sulphate
  • propylene glycol

Choose natural products for skin to use in the bath and shower such as:

Moisturise with products for dry skin that contain natural oils and/butters such as:

  • coconut oil,
  • almond oil
  • shea butter
  • cocoa butter
  • mango butter

I have looked at what is dry skin, and why natural products for skin are also good products for dry skin, and good for the treatment of dry skin – visit Natural Origin UK┬áto get the best hand crafted natural products for skin you can buy.

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