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How My Passion For Natural Products For Skin Was Born

My interest in natural skin care and natural products for skin began when all three of my grandsons presented with varying forms of eczema.  Wanting to alleviate their suffering, I set about researching how to get rid of eczema including reading everything I could find out about the topic of eczema and any sensitive skin products that might help me find out how to get rid of eczema.

One of the many causes of eczema, that struck me the most as a main offender, was the ingredients used in the majority of skin care products available from the high street.  Coincidentally, a few days after making this discovery, while waiting at a bus stop, I peered through a shop window and noticed a book called ‘What’s In This Stuff’ by Pat Thomas.  I flicked through and discovered it was about the inherent dangers and effects of ingredients used in skin care products as well as household products and packaged food.

After reading Pat’s book I was more determined than ever to find natural products for skin as alternatives to the choices that we are presented with on the high street.  I was shocked to discover that there was nothing available so the focus of my search changed to finding natural ingredients that could be used to make sensitive skin products that might help me in learning how to get rid of eczema. 

How to Get Rid of Eczema – My Grandsons’ Story

This led me down the path of making a soap and balm for my Grandsons and to my amazement it was so effective that their story spread. Soon other Mums became interested in safer alternatives for their children’s skin ailments and my first commercial products were created. 

A Pioneer of Natural Products For Skin: Natural Origin’s Story

I eventually resigned from my job to concentrate on creating a full range of truly natural skin care products, which I named Natural Origin, aimed primarily at those people needing sensitive skin products and those people wanting to know how to get rid of eczema the most effective way, using totally natural products for skin.

How to Get Rid of Eczema – A Before and After Story

I have witnessed varying degrees of eczema and dermatitis but the most memorable was a lady who developed an unexplained condition that left her hands and wrists with hardened skin which regularly became sore and inflamed to the extent that she could no longer socialise.  This is her testimonial and the before and after pictures are of her hands.

Hand Before Treatment With Sensitive Skin Products



“Two years ago my hands and wrists became agitated by an unknown chemical which made my skin so sore I was unable to work or cook.  It looked so bad that I was too embarrassed to show myself in public.

After Treatment with Sensitive Skin Products

After several tests and many prescriptions, doctors were unable to put a name to the condition and not only did the prescribed medication not work, they actually made it worse. 

I was desperate until one day a church member told me about a lady she had met who may have something that could help.  She gave me Emu Soap and Emu Balm which I used constantly for six months. 

The results speak for themselves!” – Carole

What Is The Special Ingredient in My Sensitive Skin Products?

I use a whole range of wonderful ingredients that nature has provided us with, but the one that proved best for Carole was made using the same natural products for skin that I developed for my grandsons, namely Emu Balm, Emu Cream, and my Emu Soap. They are made with all organic products containing the purest of ingredients that are really good as both sensitive skin products and for all types of skin.

Visit my website to see my full range of natural products for skin, which are all great sensitive skin products, and the Emu products that I used to help my grandsons get rid of eczema.

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