Looking After Your Skin In Winter

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While many people are pleased to see the start of autumn and winter, there are a number of problems that the change of season brings along. The switch to harsher weather conditions can impact on many people, and if you suffer from sensitive skin, you will know that this time of year can be a difficult time of year.

You will find that the moisture levels of your skin will be depleted and your natural defences will be at a lower level. Many people complain about the fact that their skin feels irritated, it looks red and your skin can appear flaky, itchy and very dry during these times of year.

If you suffer from sensitive skin that is also flaky, itchy and dry, you will understand the benefits of avoiding products that are scented or which contain certain ingredients. Natural Origin’s Emu Balm will give you extra protection during the winter months soothing irritated skin whilst diminishing the effects of harsh weather.

Dry Skin needs Moisture

One of the most important things for sensitive skin, (but this is even truer during the winter months), is the fact that there is a need to ensure that your skin receives plenty of moisture. You want to give your skin as much support and assistance as you can and providing the correct balance of nutrients is vital in ensuring your skin has the balance of important nutrients to hold on to moisture and repair itself properly.

If you are suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or lichen sclerosus, you will know that this is a vital task at all times, but when it comes to dealing with the worst that winter throws at you, you should consider a good quality serum.

Night Serum

This may sound like bad advice because serums are such an intensively acting skincare product, but if you find the right style of serum, you will be able to impact on your skin in an effective manner. Serums that come equipped with properties of an anti-inflammatory nature will be extremely helpful for sensitive skin and the impact of chapped skin. You will also find that you can choose from serums that contain anti-aging elements or antioxidants.


Protecting your Skin

Don’t forget that you still need sunscreen in winter.  Given that you are likely to be choosing warmer clothes and wrapping up warm in winter, you may not think too much about the sun. However, it is important to bear in mind that the sun can have an impact on your skin in the winter as much as it can in the summer. In fact, due to the fact that people overlook the impact of the sun in winter time, you will often find that many people cause a great deal of damage to their skin in the winter months. Applying sunscreen to your skin if you are heading out and about in the autumn and winter makes perfect sense, and it will ensure you receive short and long term benefits.

Skin exfoliationIn order to minimise the look of dry skin in the winter time, you know that you need to get rid of the dry skin cells that can impact on your complexion. However, during the winter months, it is important to not over exfoliate your skin, as this will cause problems in the long run. If you are exfoliating regularly but find that your skin is actually becoming drier and even more irritated, it is likely that you will be exfoliating too much. You should look out for products that contain gentle exfoliating products such as pineapple, papaya or even lactic acids, as all of these ingredients will be of benefit.  By and large, you should have a year round skin care routine that provides you with reliable and effective skin care benefits. However, during the winter months when the weather is harsher, being aware of the different conditions and knowing how to best look after yourself is a great way of ensuring your skin looks in excellent condition all year round.  (Natural Origin UK)

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