Best Natural Skincare Ingredients

If you want the best natural skincare don’t choose inferior refined products!

You will find that the oils and butters used in high street skincare products are oils and butters that have been refined and these really don’t make the best natural skincare or the best moisturiser for face and neck areas.

The refining process is used to produce oil that is colourless and odourless. An excellent example of the change that occurs is with Coconut Oil.  Whereas refined coconut oil has no smell whatsoever, unrefined coconut oil smells deliciously of coconut! I use virgin coconut oil in my Coconut Butter.

Refining Destroys The Benefits Of Natural Oils

Refined oils and butters are made by highly intensive mechanical and chemical processes to extract the oil from the seeds. The refining process will either use a solvent extraction such as Hexane or  high temperatures, both of which changes the nature of the oil molecule from a normal trans fatty acid to an abnormal configuration which is poisonous. This process also removes the natural nutrients from the seeds and creates a final product which oxidizes easily. The oxidation factor makes these oils and butters more likely to break down into cancer causing free radicals within the body.

Best Natural Skincare Ingredients And Best Moisturiser For Face

Some of the many natural nutrients and benefits of the best natural skincare products are cold pressed virgin oils and butters which retain Vitamin E found in the form of tocopherol and tocotrienol which offers skin softening benefits e.g. Sweet almond oil. Fatty acids help protect the body against oxidative damage and helps improve skin’s water retention.

If your skin is dry, prone to inflammation, and frequent white heads and black heads, you may be lacking essential fatty acids, nutrients that are crucial to the production of skin´s natural oil barrier. Without an adequate supply of Essential Fatty Acid’s, the skin produces a more irritating form of sebum, or oil, which can result in skin problems.

Oleic acid is easily absorbed by our skin, offering us great moisturising and cell regenerating benefits, as well as anti-inflammatory effects so it really is the best natural skincare.  Stearic acid offers improved moisture retention, increased flexibility of our skin, and skin repair. E.g. sweet almond oil, Peach kernel oil, (Baby Oil), Cocoa butter, (Coconut Butter) Shea butter (Shea Butter Delight).

The occlusive nature of cocoa butter, jojoba oil (Body Oil), coconut oil (Body Oil) and shea butter reduces the amount of water lost from our skin and protects against cold, water wind and chemical etc. so they are among the best moisturiser for face and neck areas. They enhance the skins own protective functioning without affecting the skins ability to breathe unlike mineral oils which block the pores.

When choosing products for the the best natural skincare and the best moisturiser for face and neck areas, it is wise to check that the primary ingredients used are cold pressed virgin oils and butters and not refined products.

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